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Tara Fingold Interiors has designed award-winning spaces across North America. The team has earned recognition within the industry as a leader for design that marries innovation and function with timeless beauty. Homes by TFI Design Group are instantly recognized for their unparalleled quality, unique and custom furnishes, and design that enhances life.


TFI Design Group has been recognized by:


International Design Guild, winner

RBC’s Canadian Woman Entrepreneur

Canadian House and Home

Style at Home 

Toronto Life

National Post 

Toronto Star

Each TFI team member is devoted to the same guiding principle: that great design is so much more than a beautiful space, it rests on the function and flow of a home. Because of this, our team is committed to understanding our clients deeply, and learning how design can best support their daily lives. We form relationships with our clients that go far beyond the design process. We advocate for them through builds and renovations, we defend their budget, and we create a seamless design experience.


Founder & Principal Designer

Tara Fingold established TFI Design Group in 1998, driven by her passion for timeless and elegant design, and the belief that great interiors rely on a home’s ability to ease daily life, and create space for the moments that matter most. With more than two decades in the industry, and long-lasting partnerships with builders, architects, agents, and designers, Tara’s ability to spearhead the design process, and advocate for her clients, provides an unparallelled degree of comfort. Tara’s main focus is the happiness and wellbeing of her clients, and beautiful design comes from there. 


“When our clients place their trust in us to create a home for them, it’s the most rewarding feeling, and it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. Good design is crucial, but the relationships we form with our clients, built on understanding, trust, and respect, that means everything to TFI Design Group.” 

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Years of travel while working in design and editorial helped Victoria curate a global knowledge of the design world, while honing her own personal style and skill set. Now, as an interior designer with TFI Design Group, Victoria's able to share her expertise, and her deep sense of what truly makes a home inviting, with her clients. And for Victoria, that's the ultimate fulfilment of her career. 

"When you visit a client in their house, years after the project, and you see that your design work still resonates, I think that's probably the best compliment that we can receive, that we've really done it right." 



A move from Brazil to Canada allowed Thai Bortolotto to narrow her focus on her true passion: interior design. When she joined TFI Design Group, her love for interiors and styling and her years of experience in architecture and builds quickly made her invaluable to clients. For Thai, it's all about clients feeling confident, cared for, and, of course, excited for their project. 


"When we present our plans to clients, and they start dreaming of the day of installation, and it's clear to us that they get it—they can imagine how the home will look and feel, and we know we've earned their trust to move forward with the design, that to me is the most fulfilling moment in what I do."

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Bahar moved to Canada from Iran in 2017, with a background in graphic design, fine art, and a master's degree in design (a triple threat in our industry!). After specializing for years in both residential and commercial interior design in Iran and Canada her professional path crossed Tara Fingold. Her years of experience working in Iran, where contemporary design was already flourishing as well as Canada had primed her perfectly for this role. At TFI, she's been able to draw on her unique expertise, and marry it with our elevated transitional style. But if you ask Bahar, she'll tell you it's her ability to listen to clients and observe their lifestyles and needs that allows her creativity for design to thrive. Only then, she says, when she fully grasps a family's needs, their day-to-day schedule, and their values, will the designs come to her.


“I love to understand the client, their vision, their taste, and how they live in a space. I try to figure that out in the first meeting. Otherwise, I can't design. I have to understand exactly what their needs are. I’ll usually ask a lot of questions, but I’m listening just as carefully.”

Office & Design Coordinator

Coming from the accounting and finance world, Kaylie transitioned to interior design to follow her true passion of design. As TFI’s Office and Design Coordinator, she blends organizational expertise with a love for design, ensuring seamless project coordination and efficient operations. Kaylie is dedicated to ensuring every client's vision is realized with precision and attention to detail.


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