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Before we start to think about design, we think about the client.


We’re challenged to design spaces that function seamlessly, and make our clients’ lives feel effortless. 


Here’s what clients can expect:


Meet your team

We start with conversations to learn what’s important to our clients. We want to know their schedules, but also how they live within their home, and what brings them comfort.


Discuss design

Our process is collaborative. We love seeing our clients' ideas and inspiration, and we’ll walk clients through our own ideas, inspiration from previous projects, and innovative ideas for their home.

Align on the vision and budget

Next we discuss the goals of the project and the budget. When working with partners on full-scale builds, we’ll advocate for our clients, and help manage relationships with all parties involved, always upholding the original goals and agreed-upon budget.


Presentation of plans

Design plans are presented to the client that outline the entire scope of the project. The scope of work is broken down into phases, and includes floor plans, renderings of rooms, and inspiration for furnishings, lighting, and textiles. This is where clients get a detailed vision for their future home. 


Once the build or renovation is complete, install day arrives. Our team brings in and arranges all of the furniture, textiles, and home decor, setting it up so clients can walk in and make themselves right at home. For clients requesting “turn-key design” we’ll ensure every detail, right down to the bottles of hand soap, is attended to. 


The Reveal

Revealing the completed project marks the end of our process, but we always answer when our clients call. Whether it’s advising on what towels to buy, or referring TFI to friends, our commitment to our clients never wavers. 

“For design integrity, everything needs to be executed well. It needs to flow from the front door and all the way through – which is why I put so much emphasis on process.”


Tara Fingold          

Review contingency plans

We don’t believe in surprises. With proper contingency plans, we’re prepared for anything and everything. We’re sticklers for details and pre-planning, and clients can expect to approve plan B (and even C) before a project begins. This is how we deliver a seamless design experience.


Design phase

Once the scope of work is approved, the design process begins. Throughout the build and design process, we communicate often to provide updates and ensure our clients are aware of every detail they wish to know.

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