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5 ways interior designers are helping real estate agents make the sale

We’re changing the way clients buy homes. By partnering with real estate agents, we’re helping their clients find the perfect home, and taking the guesswork out of showings. 


There’s a new power couple in town, but you won’t find them dining at Alo or attending opening night at the Four Seasons Centre. No, this power couple prefers the intimate, make-or-break setting of an open house. We’re talking of course about designers and real estate agents. We’ve always worked closely with one another, but lately we’ve taken the relationship to the next level, and more and more, agents are seeing the benefits of this friendship. (Friends with benefits takes on a whole new meaning.)


Keep reading for the new and creative ways we’re working with real estate agents to help clients find their dream homes and buy with confidence.


We attend showings with agents and their clients

There’s no way to say this without sounding conceited, so we’ll just come out with it: we have good taste. We’re designers, it’s literally the job description. It’s written all over our gallery of home tours. So when it comes to analyzing a home and its possibilities, we’re pretty much the judge and jury. Having a designer present at showings offers an additional level of expertise for your clients to draw upon.


Provide accurate information about renovations

Houses sell before a client even has time to peek in the medicine cabinet. So if you’re showing a home requiring renovations, having an interior designer present helps take the guesswork out of what’s possible (and what’s not possible) in real time. You wouldn’t use an interior designer as a real estate agent, so why are agents trying to do the job of a designer?

Help provide a vision for possibilities

For some clients, it’s hard to get past what they see right in front of them. That’s where we come in. Our job is grounded in vision: having vision, but most importantly translating that vision for clients. We’re quick to learn from our clients, and we’re adept at finding the right way to explain the possibilities of a home. 

Offer a quick-start to renovations

With a partner in design, your clients won’t have the hurdle of then finding a designer and bringing them up to speed. Clients find a lot of comfort in continuity when they’re facing a move and renovation. We’ll have been there every step of the way, for every conversation with every agent, and every idea that sold them on the house in the first place. It jumpstarts our process and allows our team to begin plans even before your client has signed on the dotted line.

Trusted recommendations

We’ve seen many of our clients through their first family homes and into their downsized condos. (Yet our team hasn’t aged a day.) And often they’ll turn to us for recommendations on agents to list with. Like you, we value our relationships with our clients above all else, and we love having trusted partners in the industry that we can refer our clients to. 

If you’re curious to learn more about our partnerships with real estate agents, reach out to our team today. We’d love to hear about your current clients and their wishlists.


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